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How to keep on enjoying intercourse while using the condoms

Some people may have the fear to try condoms due to some reasons, including the myths about it. You will realize how condom comes with so many benefits when you use it properly. The problem many buyers face is the lack of knowledge of how to choose the right one. Do you know how to choose a condom to keep making love without having to reduce the pleasure? There are tips for choosing a condom to keep the sex session comfortable and safe.

 1. Use condoms made from latex

There are currently two types of condoms on the market, which are made of latex and synthetic materials. Both are good and have their respective advantages. However, Heru said, it is advisable to choose the type of condoms from latex materials designed for contraception and to prevent transmission of sexual diseases. Condoms made of latex is also elastic and can 'fit' according to the shape of the penis so comfortable to use as if not wearing a condom. Somehow, it is no less important to know whether or not you or spouse has the latex allergy.

2. Check the condom expiration date before use

Condoms that have passed the expiration period will be easily torn and leak when used. The condom expiration date can be seen in the box or the packaging. Do not forget to also make sure the condom is still new when will have sex and never use a used condom.

3. Use lubricant

When the condom is attached, make sure you provide enough stimulation to the partner before using a condom and penetrate. Therefore, a friction that occurs when having sex can cause excessive pressure on condoms. Therefore, make sure your partner is fully lubricated.

You can implement these tips if you want to find something different in your sexual activity.