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Movies from year to year continue to evolve from a more varied storyline until the technology used more sophisticated. The more sophisticated the technology of the film, the higher the quality of film produced. With the development of technology, more and more new ways of making the film. Remember the Avatar movie directed by James Cameron? The popular film in 2009 has become one of the pioneers of the emergence of many 3D movies, although, in fact, the film does not need to use 3D effects. 3D itself is not a new technology because in 1915 there was 3D technology but different from the present. In the range of the 80s, new 3D technology used massively in film screenings. The audience was stunned with images that seemed close to his eyes. Certainly to be an amazing revolution. Very important technology in filmmaking, therefore to make a movie that you like to watch again, then you can use our services to convert super 8 film to dvd.

Usually, the ads appear when you want to watch the ads from Dolby Surround Sound. In the advertisement was also demonstrated how Dolby can bring any soft sound and from various directions. Dolby Labs was founded by Ray Dolby in 1967 and was first used for the movie A Clockwork Orange. Dolby Labs focuses on audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression. Since it was first introduced, Dolby has become the standard audio film. Perhaps the only one who can compete is THX made George Lucas.