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There is no definite cause of depression. This is usually the result of a combination of factors. Many factors can trigger depression, including genetics, biology and brain chemistry, and life events such as trauma, loss of loved ones, failed relationships, early childhood experiences, or stressful situations. In some cases, other health conditions can also cause depression, especially chronic disorders such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Parkinson's disease. You may feel desperate for the present and the future, as if nothing you can do to change it. Currently, you do not have to worry because we are willing to help you through your depression with

Persistent depressive disorder; this type of depression lasts for at least two years and the symptoms are similar to major depression. You may have mild or moderate symptoms with shorter periods of symptoms. Psychotic depression; This type of depression is a combination of depression and psychosis. In addition to a low mood during the depression, people with psychotic depression may lose their self-awareness of reality by believing things others can not hear or see.