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For some people who have long been in retail business, location selection may not be too difficult. But for the new one who wants to jump first open the store usually location selection will be done with great care and full consideration. Well if you are currently opening a business and intend to find a new location because the old location was not in accordance with what you expect it would be better if you think in advance about what transport you will use to move your goods. One of the most trusted transportation carriers is We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC, in addition to the trusted freight services We Like To Move It, Move It !! LLC also offers an affordable price for your pocket.

From that, here are some factors to consider in determining the location of your new office!
1. Close to the target market.
Make sure who your product target market is, whether for certain circles, the certain age, or maybe more specifically. One added value for your store can reach the market closed, so customers are easier to visit, more time-saving and cost for customers.

2. Easy to see
Retail business, especially fashion distro, strategic location and easy to see, will be very easy to attract customers and minimize the cost of promotion. Moreover, you could add some of the striking, unique and eye-catching signboards.

3. Traffic
For the concept of stores that embrace the concept of the independent store (stand alone outside the shopping complex, shopping center, mall), the current density will affect the number of visitors shop.

4. Access
It is also important to note the flow of traffic whether one direction or two directions, whether the location of our store is on the side of the person returning home move or departing direction. How can customers easy access to our store, is there a median road so it needs to turn back when using a vehicle.

5. Rental fee
The location of a strategic store automatically has a high rental price. What if the price difference with other locations those are less strategic big enough? As long as the price difference is still covered with the potential to be gained, it is better to choose a strategic place even though the acquisition price is more expensive.