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Many parents who have entered the pension do not plan to retire properly. Most of them are sorry. Since this is very important for your future and your family, it never hurts to learn from the mistakes of our parent's generation in planning retirement. You can visit and find ways to help you retire.

What are the financial plans that are usually forgotten and prepared, when you are retired? These include:

- Learn about business and finance

Although your job does not require an undergraduate degree in economics, having basic knowledge of business and finance can help you invest well. Therefore, not infrequently someone who entered retirement, finally confused when you want to start doing business.

- Pay little and ultimately not invest

Feeling a small salary, always running out, and finally not (ever) investing. In fact, regardless of your salary, you should set aside some parts of investment. There's already a lot of evidence that someone who started investing early or patiently breeding money for decades, then feel the benefits and can even travel around the world after retirement.