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Folker System Vert Shock Review will optimize your eight weeks with their jumping program. After eight weeks program, you can expect your jump height increase up to 15 inches. This program suited for people who want to get their best jump in a short time and easy ways. Vert shock system will suggest you the most effective workout that helps strengthen your twitch muscle. Hold up, before we continue to the next information I will tell you the connection between twitch muscle and jump height. As we know, the human body consists of many nervous systems which responsible for every movement or internal activities inside our body. Latest research shows that twitch muscle – type II B fibers – had the main connection to perform movement especially the explosive movement. One of the explosive movements is jumping. Hence the reason for this program focusing to train the twitch muscle. This also prevents doing an unnecessary workout that can injure your body.

The entire program consists of three phases: pre-shock phase, shock phase, and post-shock phase. In the end of these phases, your jump will be increased up to 15 inches. The increase of your jumping height will be determined in your second phase known as shock phase. As long as you do the workout according to the instruction and regularly, you can achieve your maximum height improvement. To maintain height you have achieved you need to do regular exercise at least once per week. There are many types of workou t can be used to maintain your height jump, for example, lunges, deadlift, depth jump, etc. Choose the workout that suited your body condition. Vert Shock program only suggest the safe and efficient workout which make it safe to perform at all age range. You can even use this program to exercise together with your family. Book your program fast while the discount promotion still last. You will get almost 50% off from the normal price at the moment. We also assure you 100% refund if the program does not suit you or your family. It is a zero risk chance, vert your jump now!