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Choosing fast internet should be smart in reviewing certain service products because many internet providers offer fast internet packages. you should pay attention to your position first, availability of network and signal, do not until after you buy fast internet package that apparently does not support at the location of your residence. You also need to note the needs of the internet whether for at home, office or mobile, if at home or at the office should use As a satellite quota based broadband internet service from PT. Multimedia Nusantara (Metrasat). With various advantages such as competitive price with various packages. Mangoesky provides a variety of service packages that can be tailored to customer needs at competitive prices. Very suitable for the weather in Indonesia. With ACM technology on satellite modems, it can optimize the connection quality in the event of bad weather so that Mangoesky service can still be connected well.

Mangoesky Broadband Service covers all parts of Indonesia. Information about this Mangoesky service can be obtained by Conventional: Through sales agent, Product Catalog available at Mangoesky Broadband service center or an exhibition stand. Online: Through the website ( or social media Facebook, Twitter, Kaskus. To get Mangoesky customer service must fill out the subscription form first. Form filling can be done manually: By going directly to our service center office or through local Telkom marketing throughout Indonesia and filling out the available subscription form. The Customer Service will direct and will assist the administrative process, up to provide information on installation schedule Mangoesky.