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Utilize vehicle as billboard

Business opportunities in the world of advertising are great and will never die. Every company will definitely continue to market its products by advertising in any media. Now the popular advertising medium is a private vehicle. New media in advertising is more popularly referred to as running ads. Although this new advertising method began to appear in mid-2016, companies that offer advertising services in cars have many clients, both multinational companies to small and medium businesses. car signage receives advertisement requests from various companies and even an event campaign. Of course, the cost of advertising on cars runs cheaper than advertising on billboards. Want only one car message during one-month advertisement also we serve.

Because it is cheap and flexible, many businesses are interested in this ad format. Providers of advertising services in the car can generate a turnover of billions of rupiah per month. Average start-up service providers advertising in cars fix the price of at least 1 million per car per month to advertisers. The minimum price is applicable for ad stickers that are only mounted on the rear of the car. The cost is more expensive when more and more body of the car attached sticker advertisement.