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Visit Some of These Places If You Are In The UK

England can indeed be a learning center for all students who will continue their education. All students who will undertake this activity must have a visa that they can get if they do an English test. To do the test, you can enroll in and arrange the test schedule you will go to.
In addition to being a learning place that has good learning quality.

England also turns out to have many historical places that can be visited to add insight. Some of these places, like

1. Windsor Castle
This is a castle in medieval times and the official residence of the Kingdom of Great Britain. During the Tudor period, and Elizabeth I, the castle was also used as the official residence of the kingdom and became the center of entertainment.

2. Buckingham Palace
This is the most majestic palace in England and became the official residence of the queen of England. This place is also used as a place for various state events.

3. Tower of London
This place was built in 1066 and as a sign of British land conquest by a French nobleman.